Minutes of AVC Board and Annual Meetings

Annual Meeting 10/10/2015
Annual Meeting 10/27/2012
AVC Board Meeting 10/27/2012
AVC Board Meeting 6/16/2012

Agenda for the AVC Annual Meeting of 10/10/2015

The Oopik-Qua Chapter Room
SigEp NH Alpha Chapter House
11 Webster Avenue, Hanover, NH

  1. Welcome comments and introductions
  2. Establishing a quorum, approve this agenda
  3. Reading and approval of minutes of the prior Annual Meeting 10/18/2014
  4. Distinguished Alumni Award
  5. Board of Trustees election
  6. Announcements and remarks for the good of the fraternity
  7. Adjourn

Minutes of AVC Annual Meeting of 10/27/2012

The Oopik-Qua Chapter Room
SigEp NH Alpha Chapter House
11 Webster Avenue, Hanover, NH

Herb Philpott presiding as meeting chair

·         Herb announced that the meeting had been duly noticed and called, because majority of AVC Board of Trustees present

o   Herb Philpot

o   Dodd Griffith

o   Chris Vale

o   Mike Chapman

o   Whit Trovillion

o   Sam Reckford

o   Bob Field

·         Herb presented 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes for acceptance

o   Motion – to accept, by Sam Reckford

o   2nd, by Mike Chapman

o   Unanimously approved by voice vote

·         Herb introduced – Sean Anthony – Dartmouth Sig Ep 2007 as future AVC Board nominee (to be formally nominated later at special meeting to be called for that purpose)

·         Herb declared annual meeting adjourned at 1:10 PM.

Minutes of AVC Board Meeting of 10/27/2012

Date and Time of Meeting:

1:10 PM to 4 PM

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trustees attending in person:

Herb Philpot

Dodd Griffith

Chris Vale

Mike Chapman

Whit Trovillion

Sam Reckford

Bob Field


Trustees attending by phone:


Teleconference line was open, and David Clark joined in by telephone conference


Also attending:


Dan Rosengard -- Undergrad

Carey Heckman – District Gov

Sean Anthony – Dartmouth Sig Ep 2007

Wes Schaub – Guest, Dartmouth GLOS 


Review and approval of meeting agenda (shown below):

Motion – to approve agenda, made by Mike Chapman, seconded by Chris Vale, and approved by unanimous voice vote

Call to Order
Start conference call, establish quorum, introductions,  welcome comments, approval of previous Meeting Minutes.

AVC Report
Status on Objectives selected at the Winter Carnival 2012 meeting, Committees and Working Groups, Bylaw amendment status, membership and recruitment

Undergraduate Report
Chapter goals, priorities, programming, membership and recruitment, finances, alumni relations.

Chapter Counselor Report
Update on Chapter Counselor activities

AVC Finance Report
Budget and Five-Year Forecast based upon current spending.

AVC Facility Committee Report
Review of Inspection Logs and Action Tracker stats. Revised Facilities Management Plan vote.

Fundraising Report
Campaign for SigEp @ Dartmouth Report, Annual Fundraising

Buchanan Cup Working Group Report
Introduction and Progress report.

Review Action Items, next meeting schedule, and adjourn


Review and approve minutes of prior trustee meeting minutes:

Motion – to approve 6-16-12 minutes, made by Sam Reckford, seconded by Whit Trovillion, and approved by unanimous voice vote

Herb Philpott acted as chair of meeting and commenced working down meeting agenda:

·         Herb Philpott led review of status of work on goals set at Winter Carnival 2012 meeting (see meeting slides prepared by Herb Philpott)

·         Dan Rosengard led undergraduate report

o   Fall 2012 Rush – 79 rushed, 52 shakeouts (guys who ranked Sig Ep as their first choice), and 23 of 24 bids sunk – no quota, just focusing on best guys

o   Winter 2013 rush – no quota, will focus on best guys

o   Highest Greek GPA for 2011-2012 (3.54)

o   Finances – house dues ($170 x 2 per year), on-campus programming ($210 per term on campus), and on campus social dues ($270 per term on campus), and rent is $2,585 which equals college room rent

o   $40,000 in chapter investment fund at Sig Ep National  -- could be used for capital improvements ??

o   Expect to fill all beds for Fall, Winter & Spring, and will work hard to do it in Summer too (though that is a challenge to get done)

·         Sam Reckford led discussion of finances

o   Finances still very tight

o   Probably OK until February or March, 2013

o   Met with auditors and things are looking good so far.

·         Whit Trovillion gave Housing Report

o   Home Partner costs gradually going down toward goal of $3,400 per month, but positive trend-line still good bit away from goal

o   Discussed potential capital improvements (weather cover for bike rack, furniture, etc.)

o   Discussed “carrot” approach as opposed to “stick” approach to providing an incentive for consistently good inspection reports

·         Mike Chapman led discussion regarding annual fundraising

o   Participation goal of 10% (result of 1.5% to date)

o   Dollar goal of $10,000 (result of approximately $2,000 to date)

o   Average gift goal of $100 (result of $116 average to date)

o   This is result of just one email appeal

o   Will do follow-up appeals, probably will send postcards to classes before the 70’s

o   “Son-of-Plaque” major capital campaign donor effort will commence in 2013

o   Need to try to get as much money in as is possible by end of year or early next year, to help smooth out budgeted income

·         Buchanan Cup discussion led by Sean Anthony

o   Dartmouth Sig Ep will be applying with guidance from Sean

o   AVC will have to participate in application

Reminder -- Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting:

·         2/9/13 at 2 PM


Adjourned by Herb Philpot, chairman of the meeting.

Adjourned at 4:00p.m.

Minutes of AVC Board Meeting of 6/16/2012

Bruce Hasenkamp Library
SigEp NH Alpha Chapter House
11 Webster Avenue, Hanover, NH

Trustees attending in person:
Herb Philpott ’85, AVC President
Dodd Griffith ’86, Secretary
Chris Vale ’95, At-Large
Mike Chapman ’76, Fundraising Chair
Whit Trovillion ’86, VP of Facilities
Dave Clark ‘76
Sam Reckford ’83, VP Finance
Bob Field ’43, Associate Treasurer
James Barkley ’07, Chapter Counselor
Dan Rosengard ’13, Chapter President

By phone:
Sean Anthony ‘96, guest 

Also attending:
Bob Wetzel ‘76
Wes Schaub – Director of Greek Life, Dartmouth College
Carey Heckman – SigEp District 1 Governor
Chris Lynch – SigEp District 1 Lieutenant Governor

Review and approve minutes of 2-11-12 minutes
Motion – Mike Chapman, 2nd Dave Clark, approved by voice vote

• Review of January 2012 Retreat Goals – Herb Philpott
   o Alumni Relations review
   o Financial Stability to Prosperity
   o Chapter House Management 
   o AVC and Undergrad Relationship
   o AVC Scheduled Meetings
       Next meeting – Homecoming 10-27-12
• Undergrad Report – Dan Rosengard 
   o Recruitment
   o Academics
   o Retention/Member Development
   o Finances
      Restructured dues
      House dues – $170 (twice a year – even if not on campus)
      Room rent – $2,585 - same as college room rent
      On campus fees
         • Programming dues – $200 
         • Social dues – $270 
     Expenses
          •  National – $10,000 (twice a year)
          • Home partners – currently $5,000 per month 
          • Parlor fee – $100
      • Programming budget – $8,000 per term
            Need based financial aid
               • Currently $2,000 per term
               • Will raise to $4,000 per term (comes out of social budget)
       Chapter investment fund – held at national (how to tap this?)
     o Housing
     o Alumni relations
     o Campus update
     o Goals and Priorities
• AVC Finance Report – Sam Reckford
• Housing Report – Whit Trovillion
     o Motion – to approve amended Facilities Management Plan, in form of revised plan distributed during meeting (amended p. 5 to require only 100 beds filled per year – rather than 102 and to fix numbering), made by Herb Philpot, seconded by Bob Field, and approved by unanimous voice vote.
     o Motion – to increase parlor fee (to help fund the cost of cleaning and maintenance of common area) from $65 to $100 per term for each brother in the Hanover, NH area, made by Herb Philpot, seconded by Sam Reckford, and approved by unanimous voice vote.
• Capital Campaign Report – Bob Wetzel
       o $1,062,000 pledged to date
• Annual Fund for Sig Ep – Mike Chapman
     o Brothers, friends and family
     o Solicit restricted and unrestricted funds
     o  Initial goal of about $10,000 for first year
• Buchanan Cup – Herb Philpot
• Wrap-up & Future Business – Herb Philpot 

Motion – to adjourn made by Sam Reckford and seconded by Bob Field.
Adjourned at 3:40 p.m.


Minutes of AVC Board Meeting of 10/23/2011

Sigma Phi Epsilon NH Alpha Chapter
Alumni & Volunteer Corporation
Board of Trustees Meeting

Date: 10-23-11, 3:30 PM
Location: The Francis Moncreif Qua Chapter Room, 11 Webster Avenue, Hanover, NH and via Teleconference

A quorum, established during the AVC Meeting, was noted and the Board Meeting was called to order by Herb Philpott.

Motion by Herb Philpott and seconded by Chris Vale to have "old" officers and directors serve as board and officers for this meeting. Approved by unanimous voice vote of new board and old board.

Bob Field gave financial report. [Redacted.]

Bill McGonigle gave housing report. Stewart Gray will help AVC manage relations with property manager.

Keith gave report on damages negotiations with Domus.  

Herb motion and Dodd second on unanimous vote to authorize Keith Jacobsen to continuing negotiating with Domus till November 1, 2011.

Undergrad update report from House President

Recruitment: 102 rushed, 72 Shakeout, 31 bids, and 30 sinks.

Membership: 31 seniors, 34 juniors, and 30 sophomores active, with 82 on campus and 25 out of 26 beds in house filled. Additional members are expected to join and the house will be filled with Winter rush.

Pete Gauthier And James Barkley are new chapter counselors. Pete is student at Tuck School and James works for the college.

House man report by JP Gorham. Says marked improvement in how brothers are treating house. Better cleanups and better treatment of kitchen and library. Brothers are developing a wish list for house maintenance and improvements.

Financial report by Matt Garton. House dues are $220 term and rent is $2,095 (equal to college rent less parlor fee). Social dues are $260 a term.

Financial aid is need-based and decided by committee. Ride jobs are not a factor in financial aid.

No report from undergrads on alumni relations.

Bill McGonigle needs to step back from VP of Housing and Stewart Gray is willing to serve. Herb asks for brief time to consider issue.

Bill McGonigle moves and Keith Jacobsen seconds Stewart Gray as interim VP of Housing and motion is approved by unanimous voice vote.

Next meeting is on Winter Carnival - Saturday at 2 PM (tentative).

Question -- What happens to "housing board"? It will continue till further action.

Dodd motion and James Barkley second adjournment. Adjourned at 5:10 pm.