The Balanced Man Program

Education and experience are valuable benefits that a fraternity can offer its undergraduate members. A program designed to provide a balanced experience to all undergraduates was implemented to help prevent many of the problems that plague fraternities.

In accordance with 1991 Grand Chapter Resolutions...
Resolution #36:
To affirm service as a key component in the undergraduate experience.
Resolution #37:
To transform the pledging process from that of proving worthiness to one of achievement in the chapter and community.

...a committee was formed to undertake the Balanced Man Project. The goal of the committee was to create a functional, yet fun, development program. This program was piloted first at Dartmouth College and implemented in the fall of 1992 in Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapters. It is not just a new pledge program, but an enhancement of the three-year membership experience to which Sigma Phi Epsilon is committed.

Some of the key components of the program are:

  • The Balanced Man Journey is a progression of challenges to emphasize continued individual achievement program.
  • Personal development through challenging community service projects.
  • Developing more and better relationships between brothers, alumni, and members of the community, by the creation of a mentor system.
  • Removing personal servitude and second-class citizenship from the chapter's culture.
  • Incorporating action-oriented learning into the chapter experience for all members (team building activities, etc.).
  • Creating a greater opportunity for one-on-one alumni involvement and contact.
  • Promoting academic success by setting standards and establishing written goals each semester for every member.

See the National website for more information about the Balanced Man Program.