SigEp Parents

Letter from the Chapter

Dear parents of the newest members of Sigma Phi Epsilon,

We are very excited that your son has accepted our invitation to join our fraternity and we'd like to give you a little more information about our brotherhood.

Sigma Phi Epsilon, or SigEp, is the largest national fraternity in the country, and our Dartmouth chapter was founded in 1909. While the Dartmouth Interfraternity Council passed a resolution this term to end pledging, our chapter had already piloted The Balanced Man Program more than 20 years ago, focused on continual, holistic member development that promotes balanced living and combats destructive behavior.  SigEp emphasizes the “Lifetime Responsibility of Brotherhood,” and undergraduate and alumni brothers widely consider their fraternity experience as pivotal in their Dartmouth education with friendships that endure far beyond graduation.

Our brotherhood of nearly 100 members includes performers from dance and a cappella groups, athletes from multiple varsity and club sports, leaders and participants for many different volunteer organizations, and above all, dedicated students. SigEp has distinguished itself as the winner of the O’Connor Prize, awarded by the Greek Leadership Council and the Dartmouth’s Greek Life Office to the best Greek organization, and fraternity with the highest average GPA on campus for the past three years. Our brothers are involved in a wide array of academic pursuits, from engineering and economics, to theater and foreign languages.

            The costs of running a fraternity are significant so there is a financial commitment. Knowing this, our chapter has a robust financial aid program allowing us to cover expenses in those cases where dues represent a serious and prohibitive hardship.  Please urge your son to speak with us if you believe this could pertain to him.

We’re excited to call your son “brother,” and we hope to meet you when you next visit him in Hanover. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our fraternity, please check out our website at or feel free to contact us.


Eli Derrow '15, Chapter President
Andrew Kenealy '15, VP of Member Development
Derrick Smith '07, Chapter Counselor


Letter from the Alumni President

Dear SigEp Parent:

On behalf of the Sigma Phi Epsilon New Hampshire Alpha Alumni & Volunteer Corporation, I’d like to thank you and congratulate you for your son's decision to join SigEp.

“This fraternity will be different,” is not just a slogan uttered by our Founders over 100 years ago, it’s a standard we demonstrate at Dartmouth SigEp every day.

Although Dartmouth made headlines in 2012 for hazing incidents at another fraternity, SigEp’s Balanced Man Program ensures that every new member is a full brother on the day he joins. We don’t have pledges; what we do have is a continuous development program focused on scholarship, leadership, and life skills. Members learn to live their best possible lives through unique, rewarding programming tailored to fit their individual needs and prepare them for the journey of life ahead.

The Dartmouth SigEp chapter has the highest fraternity GPA on campus (3.619 in Spring 2014), well above the All-Greek average (3.529), and even better than the average for non-Greek students (3.508). We have the newest and largest chapter house on campus, built with the generous contributions of our dedicated alumni. We also have a fraternity Board of Trustees made up of highly-accomplished alumni and volunteers who provide mentoring and continuity of leadership to the chapter.

The benefits of membership in this fraternity for your son extend well beyond the undergraduate years. I look forward to welcoming him to the ranks of over 1400 alumni who recall their SigEp experience as one of the most positive aspects of their Dartmouth years. They are also joining one of the largest national fraternities in the country where 300,000 men will be glad to call them "brother."

If you would like to learn more about Dartmouth SigEp, I encourage you to check out this website ( or contact me directly (

Warm regards,

Herb Philpott
AVC President