SigEp Welcomes New Members during Fall 2014 Rush

Dartmouth SigEp had an excellent Recruitment cycle culminating with IFC Rush the weekend of September 26-28,2014. Alumni Mentor Calvin Richardson '07 provided support to Recruitment Chairs David Berg '16 and Joe Clyne '16 as they developed a comprehensive plan that started last Spring when they were elected.

SigEp tied Psi Upsilon fraternity for the highest number of new members at 35, and 100% of the bids extended were sunk demonstrating great alignment between the chapter and the men we recruited.

SigEp Recruitment Numbers Fall 2011 Fall 2012 Fall 2013 Fall 2014
Rushed 101 79 109 105
Shakeouts 71 52 59 60
Bids Extended 31 24 31 35
Bids Sunk - New Members 30 23 28 35
Selectivity (Bids/Shakeouts) 44% 46% 53% 58%
Yield  (Sinks/Bids) 97% 96% 90% 100%

With the largest Chapter House on campus (26 beds), SigEp is looking forward to adding additional members during the smaller Winter Rush event when students who were off campus during their Sophomore Fall term become eligible to join fraternities.

New members come from a wide range of interests and backgrounds and are already making big contributions on campus. Among the new members (Sigmas) are a varsity soccer player, a professional figure skater and former member of the USA Figure Skating Team, several members of the Dartmouth Aires,

New Member (Sigma) Tom Palladino '17 described his rushing experience this way, "The rush chairs Dave and Joe have been committed to building a strong Sigma class from day one.  The pre-rush events all last winter and spring gave 17s the chance to get to know the house and the brothers in ways that other fraternities' pre-rush events didn't, and the events leading up to rush this fall gave prospective new members an even closer look into SigEp.  The brothers were eager to connect with as many 17s as possible during rush and answer any questions they had about the house."

The AVC and the entire SigEp alumni brotherhood extend a warm welcome to our newest members from the Class of 2017:

Jalen  Benson

Leo  Blooston

Ryan  Buckvar

Garza,  Burne

Andrew  Carothers

Kahlil  D'Souza

Daniel  Finch

Bradley  Geismar

Byrne  Hollander

Terence  Hughes

Andrew  Jeon

Eric Jung

Neil  Kamath

Jack  Kirsch

III,  Klinge

Jonathan  Kramer

Austin  Lim

Merritt  Losert

Armin Mahban

C. Matthew Mitman

Jeremy  Mittleman

Jett  Oristaglio

Thomas  Palladino

Douglas  Phipps

Evan  Rheingold

Benjamin  Rutan

Arjun  Sachdeva

Ryan  Schiller

Chase  Shipp

Kieran  Sim

Carter  Sullivan

Austin  Welch

Tyler  Albarran

Nicholas  Gladstone

Ellis  Guo