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The Sigma Phi Epsilon New Hampshire Alpha Chapter Alumni &Volunteer Corporation includes all alumni of the fraternity and other volunteers who get involved with our chapter. The AVC Board of Trustees is a smaller group of people elected by the AVC to provide financial stewardship, facility management, and advice and mentoring to the undergraduates on operational matters of the chapter. 

The Dartmouth SigEp Chapter enters its second century of existence on strong footing. Over a hundred brothers from classes in the 50s to the Aughts celebrated the chapter’s Centennial in 2009. At the Annual Meeting of the AVC at Homecoming 2011 (10/23/2011), the NH Alpha Board of Trustees gave the “Distinguished Service Award” to two brothers who “exemplify the principles of the Balanced Man Program and provide truly distinguished service to the chapter.” The Campaign for SigEp at Dartmouth, led by Bob Wetzel ’76, raised nearly a million dollars in donations toward the building of a new Chapter House which was completed early in 2011 under the excellent management of Bill McGonigle ’95. Combining the highest manpower with one of the highest GPAs on campus, Dartmouth SigEps have good reason to be proud of their chapter.